Thursday, November 1, 2007

First post! Woot!!

Karaj amikoj- (Dear Friends)

So this is the first post of my long-awaited Public Blog! *great amounts of cheering* I've had a private blog on here for a while, but I miss the days of Livejournal and being able to share w/ my peeps my life and what's new w/ me. So here it is!

The title of this blog is "Unu lingvo neniam estas suficxa..." That is Esperanto and it says "One language is never enough..." Any of you who know me at all could have probably guessed that I'd choose something like that. I'll do my best to offer English translations for whatever I post (If I get the urge to post anything in another language.) That way the purpose of the blog isn't forfeit for my linguistic wanderings. ^_^

So yesterday was Samhain and I want to use it as a benchmark for self-improvement. As a closing remark, I'll leave here the closing lines of Marty McConnell's poem "Instructions for a Body". (It's a Great poem that I recommend you all go youtube and watch.)

"...give thanks or go home a waste of spark

speak or let the maker take back your throat
march or let the creator rescind your feet
dream or let your god destroy your good and fertile mind

this is your warning / this
your birthright / do not let
this universe regret you."

Gxis! (Bye!)

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Anonymous said...

Bedaurinde mi ne regas la anglan lingvon, sed char vi shatas kaj komprenas la internacian lingvon Esperanto mi ja sendas al vi plej amikajn salutojn el Kroatio!